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Grain free luxury dog food

Nose2Tail luxury food

The highest quality meat in any pet foods

Grain Free

Locally sourced ingredients

Try Nose2tail luxury dog food and you will have a happier dog with a perfect digestion, shiny coat and healthy skin and with increased energy and agility!  



Blogs & Events

30.01.2015 How Nose2Tail salmon helped dog suffering from pancreatitis

How absolutely fantastic to hear such a heartwarming story! Nose2Tail salmon dog food ticks quite a few boxes due to its quality ingredients, low fat content, being single protein and… Read more.

22.12.2014 Venison with root vegetables - launching in January 2015!

A new delicious wet dog food variety will be available from January. Made in UK using a single, rare protein - venison, this is not just a delicious meal, but… Read more.

The Expert Opinion


At Nose2tail we believe that nutrition and the quality of the ingredients together with how they are processed is the foundation of good health in all creatures.