So why choose nose2tail?

We have 4 simple recipes that are made from truly freshly prepared quality ingredients.
Unlike other quality pet food brands, we only put one protein in each recipe.
So if your dog has an intolerance you can choose a variety of flavours that are irresistible.

About Us

Nose2tail was founded in 2012 to be the leader for

‘The ultimate in dog food nutrition’

No smoke - no mirrors - no marketing tricks 


There is a reason that many pets suffer ill health.

We ALL now know that eating highly processed foods like McDonald’s every day is simply....


We ALL know that the big food brands use every trick to make their products as cheap as possible.

Have you ever noticed the words ‘fishy and ‘meaty’ being used?

This means it isn’t actually meat nor fish but simply ‘meaty & fishy’.

It’s the same as ‘chocolaty’ or ‘chocolate flavoured’

It is NOT REAL chocolate!

All of the brands that you know in the pet food industry are owned by the big 4 global food players;

Nestle own Purina, Friskies, Go Cat & Gourmet,

Mars own Pedigree, Cesar, Royal Canin, Whiskas, Dreamies, Sheba, KiteKat & Chappie

Colgate Palmolive owns Hills Science plan

P&G owns Iams.  

Nose2 tail is an independently owned brand.

Each of our products in our simple range have just one meat source in each.

So Salmon is simply Salmon & Venison is simply Venison.

This ensures against allergies and ensures only quality ingredients are used.

It’s a bit like Sushi; you have to use the very best quality as you can’t hide substandard ingredients.

Allergies in pets have come about from manufacturers using both substandard ingredients. In wheat for example, manufacturers use ‘wheat husks, which are the outer thin shell which have no nutritional benefits instead of using the ‘wholewheat’!

We use potato as there is far less chance of an allergy and it is a complex carbohydrate 

We have a range of 4 main ingredients in our cans of Venison, Chicken, Salmon and Lamb.

So how do you know what is good food?

The 4 easy steps!

1. Look at the ingredients list. If you don’t understand it don’t buy it! you will see we put our ingredienst on the FRONT of the can to show off! 

2. Open a can and see if it smells nice enough to eat.

Well at least doesn’t make you gag!

3. See how much they prefer to eat good food.

Watch them eat. You will be able to tell!

4. After a week look at their overall health.

Do they have a glossy coat? A shiny nose? A wagging tail?

Or to put it another way…

Are they healthy


Nose 2 Tail ?

Its not rocket surgery or brain science – good nutrition equals healthy pets!