So why choose nose2tail?

We have 4 simple recipes that are made from truly freshly prepared quality ingredients.
Unlike other quality pet food brands, we only put one protein in each recipe.
So if your dog has an intolerance you can choose a variety of flavours that are irresistible.

About Us

Nose2Tail is an independently owned brand which was established in 2012 to be a completely open and honest pet brand with the mission to make the very best in dog nutrition.

No smoke - no mirrors - no marketing tricks.

SIMPLY THE HIGHEST QUALITY INGREDIENTS blended together in the correct levels to acheive the maximum in digestibility.  

We use just one protein in each of our recipes and list all of our ingredients on the front of the can to ensure that dogs with allergies, intolerances or sensitivities are NOT given hidden ingridients or processing aids.

Salmon is simply Salmon & Venison is simply Venison.

It’s like eating sushi. One MUST use the very best quality as you can’t hide substandard ingredients.

Many allergies in pets have come about from manufacturers using substandard ingredients. In using wheat for example, manufacturers use ‘wheat husks,' which are the outer thin shell which have no nutritional benefits, instead of using the ‘wholewheat’.

We dont use wheat or any grains in our foods as they are unnesscessary 'fillers'.

Unsurprisingly dogs thrive on simply having high quality proteins, vegetables, fruits and herbs.

We don't use marketing techniques - instead we use great ingredients that will ensure your dog is healthy from Nose2Tail.