So why choose nose2tail?

We have 4 simple recipes that are made from truly freshly prepared quality ingredients.
Unlike other quality pet food brands, we only put one protein in each recipe.
So if your dog has an intolerance you can choose a variety of flavours that are irresistible.


New Salmon

Salmon fillet with vegetables, fruits and herbs

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New Lamb

Lamb with vegetables, fruits and herbs

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New Chicken

Chicken with vegetables, fruits and herbs

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New Venison

Venison with vegetables, fruits and herbs

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Nose2Tail is the the UK's number 1 brand for really high quality food for all breeds and ages of dogs.

NO hidden ingredients; we write what's in the can on the front of the can.

No blatant marketing lies; we do not make our foods in our own kitchen; fundamentally it is against UK pet food regulations to make pet food in your home and sell it in a shop, so if you hear that from other brands it's nonsense.

NO, we are not part of a huge corporation or  have sold out to venture capital vultures.

AND NO we don't have a shaggy dog story, like EVERY other pet brand about how our own dog was our inspiration to start the brand.

The reality is we have made high quality human food for over 30 years and when we looked at what went into what was apparently the very best pet foods, we were very surprised. There wasn't a proper high quality dog food that was simply what was best for a dogs nutrition and consequesntly well being. 

So we made a small range of just four recpies using just a single protein in each can. So, only either Salmon, Venison, Chicken OR Lamb all with fruits, vegetables and a vitamin and mineral mix.

Veterinarians & pet nutritionists recommend Nose2Tail as it is perfect for dogs with sensitive tummies. Unsurprisingly great ingredients cooked correctly are not only highly nutritious but of course irrestible and so it is perfect for the fussest of dogs too.

Nose2Tail is perfect for all dog breeds and ages and essential if your dog needs real foods to thrive! 


The Expert Opinion

At Nose2tail we believe that nutrition and the quality of the ingredients together with how they are processed is the foundation of good health in all creatures.